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Luxury Horse Onyx
This beautiful Handmade Horse from a beautiful Glassy Marble Onyx is a true Beauty. This Onyx Horse will become an Eye catcher in your home.


Black Horse Marble
Handmade Black Marble Horse with lots of White and Gray Shades. Very Beautiful and Detailed Sculpture.


Chinese Dragon Onyx
Chinese Dragon that is Handmade of Marble Onyx. This very detailed Sculpture is a feast for the eyes and will certainly give you a feeling of happiness every time you look at it.


Black Pitbull Marble
Life-sized Pitbull that is Handmade of Black Marble by our Artists in Indonesia.


Great Eagle Onyx
This Gorgeous Sculpture of an Eagle is a true showpiece With a Wingspan of 80cm this is one of the Larger Sculptures in our Collection.


Eagle of Onyx
Sculpture made of a Brown / White Glassy Marble Onyx. This very detailed made by Hand Eagle has a wingspan of 51cm.


Lion of Onyx
Handmade Lion made of marble Onyx with lots of details. With his beautiful Manes and sharp teeth a very beautiful Sculpture.


Storks Onyx
Wonderful sculpture of Foraging Storks that sit on a Tree Stump. This Handmade Unique sculpture made of marble Onyx with a lot of Details is a true Work of Art.


Elephant from Onyx
Elephant - Cute Little Figurines made of Marble Onyx.
White Marble Set of Vases
Luxury Set Vases of White Marble with a height of 98cm and a diameter of 40cm and a weight per vase of 100kg.


Abstract Cat River Stone
Abstract Cat made of River Stone a nice sculpture for the Modern Living Room.


Bunny from Onyx
Bunny - Cute Little Figurines made of Marble Onyx.
White Horse Marble
Handmade Horse of Cream Marble.


Duck Twins Onyx
This beautiful in Twilight Sculpture Handmade Ducks Twin will brighten up your home. This graceful sculpture deserves a beautiful place with you.


Set of Pedestals with Flower pot
This Set of Pedestals with Flower pot are handmade of Red Marble in Indonesia. This marble is characterized by the many crystal structures that run through it.


Chicken Family Onyx
Detailed Sculpture of a Chicken family made of Onyx Marble. The Rooster and Hen together with five ducklings.


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