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River stone Soap dispenser Flores
With a soap dispenser made of river stone you get a beautiful piece of nature in the house.
Marble Soap dispenser Sumatra
With this beautiful black marble soap dispenser in your bathroom, kitchen or toilet there are no more plastic bottles on the sink but beautiful natural stone.
Marble Soap dispenser Bali
This marble soap dispenser from our Bali set has a rough stone structure on the outside but feels silky soft because it is sand blasted.
Marble Soap dispenser Madiun
With this beautiful soap dispenser made of cream marble in your bathroom, kitchen or toilet you give your home what it deserves. The height 19 cm and Ø 8 cm.
Marble Soap dispenser Arya
With this soap dispenser of gray marble there is a beautiful piece of natural stone on your washbasin.
Marble Soap Dispenser Java
Beautiful large soap dispenser made of java rose marble from Indonesia. Beautiful natural stone with many colours from deep yellow to blue green and black.
Marble Soap Dispenser Savoe
Soap dispenser Savoe made of cream marble. With its clean lines, it will be a wonderful addition to all bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.
Marble Soap Dispenser Lya
A marble soap dispenser exudes luxury is timeless and lasts a long time. You will enjoy this accessory made of gray marble for many years to come.
Sunset Onyx Soap dispenser Chandra
Luxury Soap Dispenser made of Sunset Onyx. Height 20 and Ø of 8 cm. Onyx is a luxury Glassy Marble variety in it you will see the most beautiful structures.
Marble Soap dispenser Bayu
With this soap dispenser made from our beautiful black marble you will no longer see a plastic bottle in your bathroom.
Marble Soap dispenser Java Dalu
This beautiful and elegant soap dispenser made of our Java Rose marble will give your bathroom, kitchen or toilet a piece of luxury that it deserves.
Onyx Soap dispenser Senja
This soap dispenser will be a real eye catcher in your bathroom. With its elegant look, round shapes and made of our luxury onyx this is a real piece of art.
Marble Soap dispenser Aguna
With a nice soap dispenser made of cream and black marble there is no need to put a plastic bottle on your washbasin. Height is 20 cm and a diameter of 6.5 cm.
Marble Soap Dispenser Batu
Triangular soap dispenser made of cream marble from our Batu set. This Soap Dispenser forms a whole with the rest of the accessories from this set.
Marble Soap dispenser Satria
With this soap dispenser made in of our most popular model designs you will get the luxury in house. Because of the black color it will fit in every interior.
Marble Soap dispenser Medang
This elegant soap dispenser made of a combination of gray and cream marble gives a very luxurious look to your bathroom, kitchen or toilet.
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Soap dispensers

Put one of our beautiful soap dispensers made of natural stone in the kitchen bathroom or toilet and you immediately get a different look and feel. These handmade soap dispensers from Marble, River Stone, Petrified wood and Onyx all give that luxurious warm feeling of nature in the house. Made for IndoMarmer in Indonesia to bring atmosphere to your house. You can also buy our soap dispensers in combination with other bathroom accessories to have the whole bathroom decorated with beautiful timeless natural stone.

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