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Marble Soap dish Java Squa
Thinly cut soap dish made of our beautiful Java Rose marble. This beautiful marble variety is characterized by the many colors and glares that occur.
Marble Soap Dispenser Java
Beautiful large soap dispenser made of java rose marble from Indonesia. Beautiful natural stone with many colours from deep yellow to blue green and black.
4-Piece Marble bath set Java Squa
This 4-Piece bathroom accessory set Java Squa consists of a Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Cup, Soap Dish and a Jewellery Box.
Marble Soap dispenser Java Squa
A marble soap dispenser in your bathroom completes the picture. With its beautiful pink shades this soap dispenser will not look out of place in your home.
Marble soap dish Java
This nice soap dish made of a beautiful pink natural stone called java rose is made in Indonesia for you. This beautiful marble has a beautiful structure.
Marble Toilet brush holder Java
This toilet brush holder made of this beautiful java rose marble will not look out of place in your bathroom and is part of our bathroom accessory set Java.
5-Piece Marble Bath Set Java
This 5-Piece Marble Bath Set Java consists of a Soap Dispenser, Soap Dish, Toothbrush Cup, Jewellery Box and a Toilet Brush Holder.
Marble Toothbrush Cup Java
This cup for your toothbrushes made of java rose marble from our Java set is with its beautiful pink colour a nice accessory for your bathroom.
Marble Toothbrush Cup Java Squa
Toothbrush cup made of Java Rose marble so your toothbrushes no longer lay loose around your sink. Length x Width x Height 8 x 8 x 11 cm.
Marble Jewellery box Java Squa
A jewellery box made of marble is ideal for storing your cotton swabs, for example. Length x Width x Height 8 x 8 x 13 cm.
Marble Jewellery Box Java
This jewellery box made of beautiful java rose marble is ideal for small items such as hair bands, necklaces or other stuff.
Marble Jewellery box Java Dalu
A jewelry box made of this beautiful red marble will ensure that you have a nice spot for all your small items such as hair bands and the like.
Marble Soap dish Java Dalu
A marble soap dish for your hand soap ensures that hand soaps are no longer lying around on your sink and make your entire sink dirty.
5-piece Marble bath set Java Dalu
This 5-piece bathroom accessory set Java Dalu consists of a Soap dispenser, Toothbrush Cup, Toilet Brush Holder, Soap dish and a Jewellery box.


Marble Toothbrush Cup Java Dalu
A toothbrush cup made of our beautiful Java Rose marble is a welcome addition to your interior and gives your toothbrushes a nice permanent place.
Marble Soap dispenser Java Dalu
This beautiful and elegant soap dispenser made of our Java Rose marble will give your bathroom, kitchen or toilet a piece of luxury that it deserves.
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