About us

We Frank and Sri Talens are the people behind F Talens IndoMarmer a Dutch Indonesian couple who have been happily married to 3 children for 8 years (2007). Since the first time I (Frank) went to Indonesia and saw the beauty of the handmade artworks of Marble and Onyx, I then was sold. All this time I had in mind to bring these unique and beautiful artworks to the Netherlands to share this with the rest of the Netherlands and Europe. And now after my wife could come here our children are a little bigger and we arrived in calmer waters it seemed to us time to get back on track and finally import these beautiful works of art and of course many other handmade products from Marble, Onyx and other Natural stones so that we could market it over here. For us a dream comes true. Although we are of course a small company at the moment, the plans we have are big.

What do we want

With this company we want to sell naturally beautiful handmade products from Marble and Onyx, but it does not stop there. We ensure that our products are manufactured in a fair way and thus support the local economy as much as possible. We would also like to support a number of local projects with a part of the Gross Profit more about this later.

When? First of all, we will of course have to get out of the costs to be able to do that.

What do we offer

We offer beautiful fair handmade products from Marble Onyx and other natural stones. We ensure that the luxury items ordered by you will be delivered to you undamaged and that the heavier or very delicate items will be placed where you want it. (Only available in the Netherlands and Belgium)  We will answer all your questions about our products in good conscience and will try to help you wherever possible to find what you are looking for even if it is not with us.

With the friendly greetings from the IndoMarmer Team

Frank & Sri

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