Where does our Marble and Onyx come from?

The Marble and Onyx used to make all our luxury products is mined on East Java in the Tulungagung region near a small town called Besolve. About 20 km away is a large mountain full of Marble and Onyx. This region is widely known as the center for handmade sculptures.

Is everything made by hand?

Yes, all our items are handmade in Indonesia by experienced sculptors who work with these natural stones every day.

How long does it take to create such a luxurious image, lamp or vase?

That is of course very dependent on the difficulty of the sculpture. It can vary from a few days to 1 to 2 months, such as with our Birds onyx https://www.indomarmer.nl/birds-onyx sculpture and then there are of course very small simple figurines that can be made within a few hours .

Maintenance of our products and sculptures of Marble

We strongly recommend cleaning our products with an acid-free detergent. Marble and Onyx contain Calcium and acid affects this. To keep our products shiny for decades, we recommend to provide them with a small layer of marble polish  2 or 3 times per year. This prevents dirty grease or water from entering our Marble and Onyx products and keeps them looking beautiful and shiny. There are numerous resources on the market for this. For dusting of your items it is best to use a soft dry cloth and for sculptures with many details and relief a soft toothbrush works well to get in all the small places.


Below are some pictures of how a sculpture is made from marble block to finished product.